Cristian Brinck
Disruptive perfumer since creation, his handmade perfumes are expressive and intense, since each of them begins with an inspiration. The vibrant relationship between aromas and colors of his synesthesia, allows an amazing perception of the environment.
He produces individually or in small batches in his studio in Viña del Mar, Chile, with natural ingredients collected from different corners of the world, added to precious and exclusive endemic ingredients from the south of the world.
His creations have reached souls all over the world, from Tokyo to Barhein, from Milan to Marseille, from Seattle to Bergen.

Aqua Antarctic

• Year: 2020
• Eau de Parfum
• 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz
• Top Notes: Mentha, Lime, Camphor
• Middle Notes: Caramel, Tonka Bean
• Base Notes: Oakmoss
The mysterious freshness and delicious cold of Antarctica remind us of the sweet arboreal past of this continent.
Its greatest mystery lies in the fact that it frozen 23 million years ago, long before homo sapiens appeared.
But the fragment of a map produced by the admiral and cartographer Piri Reis, describes a southern land mass identical to Antarctica, based on previous Chinese charts.

€ 150 + taxes + shipping

Limited Production

木村重成 Kimura Shigenari

• Year: 2019
• Eau de Parfum
• 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz
• Top Notes: Frankincense, Pinus sylvestris
• Middle Notes: Agarwood
• Base Notes: Musk
Kimura Shigenari, one of the most legendary samurai in history. Before each battle, Kimura was following a very important ritual: burning incense inside his mask. He knew that he could lose his life in any battle and that his head would be taken as a trophy. Therefore, he hoped that whoever decapitated him would take away a part of his body with the right scent. He fought his last battle in 1615, while defending Osaka Castle.

€ 140 + taxes + shipping

Limited Production

Olfactory discovery kit 6/1

• kit
• 12 ml / 0.41 fl oz
Pucon Candy, Aqua Antarctic, Eo Ariki, Reggio di Calabria, Time Hunter, Kimura Shigenaria
Discover the olfactory evolution from South America to Antarctica, from Easter Island to Italy, from Greater Greece to Japan. An olfactory journey through time.

€ 90 + taxes + shipping

Limited Production