The Perfumer.

To be a creative and elite perfumer a privileged nose is not enough, olfactory curiosity must be constant training, adding a permanent update of studies in Botany, Chemistry and History. A particular connection must be maintained with Human sensitivity

Biography »


Where does this passion for aromas come from?
An event from my adolescence intensified the perception of colors in my sense of smell, amplifying my odor-> color synesthesia.

Sinestesia »

The creation.

For the Greeks, everything beautiful, harmonious, proportionate and aesthetic was good and therefore of divine origin, so it should not surprise anyone that they attributed to their Gods the gift of perfumes and ointments. The rose, formerly white and odorless, turned red the day Venus pierced a thorn and spilled her blood on it. And she became fragrant when she received a kiss from Cupid..

History »

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