Cristian Brinck

Creative intellectual from a cross-sectional perspective. Transparent, Optimistic and Passionate. Possessor of a privileged sense of smell (Synesthesia Smell-> Color).

Le Nez

To be a creative and elite perfumer, a privileged nose is not enough, olfactory curiosity must be a constant training, adding a permanent update of studies in Botany, Chemistry and History. A particular connection to human sensitivity must be maintained.


Aromatherapy is quite broad, from the deep and penetrating therapeutic actions of essential oils to the extreme subtlety of the fragrance on the psyche.

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Reiki Master

The balance between science and nature lies in recognizing our souls. Perceiving how the universe expresses itself leads us to the common good.

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Soloist (tenor)

Tenor of the Choir "Voces de Reñaca" and lover of interpreting beautiful classic Italian songs a cappella.


Perfumes and colors, what better way to express my synesthesia !!! Oil paint and essential oils, We start with Mint for the sky, Himalayan cedar and patchouli for the wood, calone for the sea, jasmine and ylang ylang for the white flowers

Instinctive Archery

Experienced Instinctive Archery cultist.
Passionate about the Instinctive Archery, promoter of the recreational Archery as a meeting point.

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Connection with animals

Connection, special and deep.