1.- Personal Interview

The constructive basis of your personalized perfume.
A personal interview in search of the essence that makes you unique. We will talk about your life, your dreams, your desires and pleasures. Everything will go to the inspirational crucible and I will build a liquid jewel for your soul. At the same time you will learn some secrets of perfumery that will help you enjoy enormous olfactory subtleties.
60 to 90 minutes.

2.- Formulations.

olfactory profile required.
• Emotional objective
• Selection of Essences
• Sample Formulation (3 x 3) • Selection
After the personal interview and the emotional objective set, 3 formulations are made based on the selection of essences. The triad of formulations in 2ml vials are sent by mail for evaluation with scent paper strips. The concentration of the sample varies between 5% and 10%.
If in the first instance there is no definition, a second triad of formulations is carried out based on a sample from the first triad, including a third and final triad if necessary based on a sample from the second triad.
With the formulation selected, we can move on to the next stage. the manufacture of odoriferous prototypes.
12 to 18 days per formulation. .

3.- Prototypes.

• Definition of fragrance concentration
EDS, EDC, EDT, EDP, Parfum, Elixir, Attar
• Image design and perfume name
• Selection of container and lid
30,40,50,60,100 ml
• Label, labeling and box design
With the formula already selected, the type of prototype is defined based on the desired concentration (it is possible that the formula may undergo healthy concentration limit changes).
The selection of the container will determine the box and the design.
The name of the perfume and its design will be related to its components, its emotional objective or some characteristic of the protagonist. Its finishes are professional and with a realism close to its output in production. Odoriferous strips are attached for evolutionary evaluation.
You can request the prototypes you require.
15 to 60 days per prototype.

4.- Production

4.1 Production in Chile
ISP Product Registration
Agreement with Laboratory in Santiago de Chile
-Formulation (ISP Production Record)
-Packaging and Packing
-Minimum 1000 units or 100 kg

4.2 Production in the EU (Spain)
CPNP registration
Murcia and Barcelona Laboratories Agreements.

Production costs are proposed by each production laboratory, costs for product registration and production batch are standard.